A Story for New Years

Over at Literotica, you can find one of my older stories, New Years Surprise. It is actually one of my better rated stories, though it has essentially no plot and little characterization. Why? Well, here is the setup:

My wife Laura and I were planning on a quiet New Years Eve. No parties, just dinner with our best friends Krista and Mark. It turned out to be even quieter than we suspected. Laura came down with flu-like symptoms, and though she gutted it out through dinner, at 10:30pm she took some Nyquil and went to bed. In the meantime, Mark was a mess. He’d just come back from a business trip on the West Coast on the red eye, then foolishly gone off to watch football with some buddies earlier in the day instead of napping, and he drank several glasses of wine during dinner. Shortly after Laura left to go to sleep, Mark sat down on the sofa in the living room, closed his eyes, and passed out cold.


“Happy New Year!” I exclaimed.

“Same to you,” she replied. “Too bad we have no one to kiss,” she said with a grin as she nodded in the general direction of our sleeping spouses.

I looked at her and she at me. It was an awkward little moment. She’d said it as a joke, but it hung in the air between us.

“Why not?” I said, leaning in to give her a little peck on the cheek. Unfortunately, she was thinking the same thing, and as we moved towards each other my lips brushed hers. It was oddly electric. Her lips were soft, wet, and very receptive. She must have felt the same way because for a moment, we just examined each other, our faces inches apart. She gave me another quick kiss, which seemed to confirm there was something going on. Now it was my turn to kiss her, each smooch a little longer, sexier. I felt butterflies in my stomach and a lump in my throat.

She grasped me and hugged me close. With her mouth to my ear she whispered, “Oh God, did you feel that?”

“Uh huh,” I grunted.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she replied softly.

But, you know, of course they do.

The appeal is, I think, universal. We all have, or have had, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, with whom we have a purely platonic relationship. Wholesome, appropriate. But then there comes a moment, when the light strikes them just right, when circumstances conspire, when, to use a cliche, the stars align, and there is an instant moment of attraction. And most of the time, heck, virtually all of the time, we note it, are surprised at ourselves, and then let the moment pass. But what if we didn’t?

The story such as it is doesn’t explore any of the consequences. I have other story fragments with these characters, and I may at some point go back to it and write the rest.

What the story does do is hint at one of my obsessions. I won’t spoil it, but Krista is not quite what she initially seems. That is a theme you will find in many of my stories. The women in my stories tend to have interesting secrets, they burn with passions that are barely contained, they are frequently at risk of losing control. I find that notion incredibly sexy, that just beneath the surface, these respectable, tightly controlled women are just ready to explode given right spark.

Anyway, this is not one of my best stories. As I say, I’m not even sure it merits to be called a story given its lack of plot. But it is a sexy scenario and one that captures at least some of my obsessions. Check it out.

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