A New Direction

So, I’m excited. In a few days my first long-form fiction will be published. It isn’t quite a novel, or maybe it is. I guess it depends on where you draw the line between and novel and novella. At 43,000 words, more or less, it is definitely the longest story I’ve ever written.

In many ways, Two Sides of Terri — that’s the title — is different from anything I’ve written. The characters are richer. The narrative arc is stronger. It is also less focused on themes of betray and more of exploration. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think it is a nice sexy story that will both please fans of my earlier short work, but also interest and please a new audience that finds some of my earlier too dark.

On the other hand, Two Sides of Terri is very much an evolution for me. Same kinds of themes as before, sex outside the bounds of marriage; a strong, smart woman with hidden passion; jealousy and fear.

I’ll follow up in the couple of day with cover art and a link to the purchase options.

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