The Nature of the Genre

So, I write most in the “naughty wife” genre, although as my friend Kenny Wright notes, my “tastes lean closer to the “cuckold” side of the spectrum.” Why is that? Where do my stories come from?

I don’t think there is any great mystery here, but it is worth exploring a little. So, there are a lot of “naughty wife” stories out there. It is really one of the most popular erotica genres.

Like many other forms of popular erotica, it addresses transgressive sexual behavior, the sort of stuff that turns us on precisely because it is out of the ordinary, exists largely in the realm of imagination. But this is a weird category because, in truth, sex outside of marriage is far from uncommon. There is nothing really, fundamentally transgressive about a woman having an affair. It happens all the time.

I would argue that in this case, the stories I write are based not in their exoticism, but in their commonness. What do I mean?

Well, look, many men feel/worry/believe that they somehow married out of their league. Sometimes that is objective reality. More often it speaks to insecurities. But is is a common sensation. And if you feel like you’ve married out of your league, then it is inevitable to think that sooner of later your wife will, you know, wake up and trade up.

It is a dark, weird thought. It is the kind of thing that men immediately reject when they focus on it consciously. What does “trading up” mean? A hotter guy? A better earner? A more accomplished fuck? Most crudely, a bigger tool? But the sentiment isn’t about conscious calculation, it is about inchoate emotions.

Anyway, I think my writing tends to be grounded in that very common, completely absurd, and yet brutally compelling worry that the women who love us are somehow settling for less… for now… but not forever.

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