Two Sides of Terri Published

My very first novella was just released. You can find it at Amazon under Two Sides of Terri.

I am really, really pleased with how it turned out. Give it a shot.

Here is the description:

Two Sides of Terri

Bill has just about the perfect life. Good paying job. Lovely home. Perfect children. And most of all, he has his wife Terri–smart, funny, great with the kids. Thing is, she’s a good girl trapped in a bad girl’s body. Blonde, busty, and devastatingly beautiful, she makes him want to do dirty things–things you don’t admit to wanting from the girl-next-door.

Or so he thought.

It starts with a revelation about Chucky, a past boyfriend, and everything he thought he knew about his sweet wife unravels. He becomes obsessed with learning more about this other side of Terri–and everything he learns points back to Chucky, a man she couldn’t say no to. Does he dare invite her past back into their present? And if he did, would she now be able to say no?

2 thoughts on “Two Sides of Terri Published

  1. ET Zapel

    really liked your new book “Two Sides of Terri”. Describes my own wife closely emotionally though not necessarily physically, except that most (actually all but two now that I think about it) of my wife’s numerous ex-lovers were black, athletic, and aggressive college ball players. However, I really appreciate your ability to get right down to the exact feelings a man (like me, anyway) has about his SO’s former lovers, present middle aged sex life, and fantasies that may or may not come to life.
    Very good read – please keep writing!

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