Future Plans

With Whatever It Takes finally out — I hear there are still a few copies available at Amazon 😉 — I figured I’d update folks about my other projects.

The first two things I want to mention are that I decided that I wanted to revisit some of my favorite old stories originally posted on Literotica. The first is The Crush. I wrote about this story in an earlier post. That’s one of those stories that I always felt turned out well, and yet could have been so much better. It is a pretty conventional cuckolding story, but isn’t rooted in humiliation, but rather in selfishness. And the main character, whose nickname is Annie thanks to a striking resemblance to a young Ann-Margret, has always been one of my favorites. For those of you too young to have any idea who Ann-Margret it, here’s a taste:

The second is a piece called Inception… It is also a cuckolding story and very much inspired by the movie of the same name. I’d always planned that one as a trilogy, so pulling it down from Lit and thinking about the second and third parts make sense.

I have two other pieces in the works, both of them much closer in tone to The Two Sides of Terri than Whatever It Takes. One is about two-thirds done. I really hope that have that finished, in draft form at least, within a few weeks. The other is still mostly in my imagination, but my imagination is almost demanding I make time for it immediately! Anyway, both stories are grounded, like Terri, in a relationship where both the husband and wife work to explore each other’s fantasies and needs, even when that causes more than a little angst.

And finally in terms of writing projects, Whatever It Takes was also conceived from pretty early on as a trilogy, but then again so was The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, until, you know, no one went to see it.

Anyway, lots of stuff in the works. I was pretty swamped at work these last few months, but will definitely be blogging more as well, so keep checking in for updates and other things, including a couple of unfinished pieces, false starts that never quite came together.

Also, if you did happen to read Whatever It Takes, and you liked it, I’d be delighted if you’d give me a review at Amazon. Those are more important than you can imagine to a book’s success.

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