Special Deal on Two Sides of Terri

If you haven’t read my first book, Two Sides of Terri, yet, or if you have a friend that you haven’t quite been able to convince to buy it, there is a special offer going on for the next two days at Amazon.

Starting today, Terri will be on sale for just $0.99! It’s not a bargain, it’s a steal. Outright, no-kidding, grand larceny.

I should also note that it would make a great gift for friends and family alike. It is a little known fact, but surveys show that most people, when polled, say that “erotic fiction” is their favorite type of present.

Get it here, get it now. http://www.amazon.com/Two-Sides-Terri-Ben-Boswell-ebook/dp/B00HSCMZTW

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