The Fourth Ring

One of my favorite stories from the days — and if you don’t know what that is, you should just get off my lawn — was by an author who went by Hunter Jackson. He put out this story back in 1995, and the text version (which I’ll link to shortly) even has his Prodigy account — and if you don’t know what that is, you should… fuck it… I’m old.

Anyway, it is a straight cuckold set-up:

A typical Friday. Too many deadlines, too many phone calls, too many emergencies. Although a few of these deadlines and emergencies were the result of my representation of Contrax Industries, I was still looking forward to lunch with Contrax’s president, Rick Robertson. While Rick always attended to business, he was also a bit of a “rounder,” and damn proud of it. Given my rather staid sexual relationship with my wife, Anne, I enjoyed living vicariously through Rick’s exploits.
This lunch fit the normal pattern. Rick and I spent the first 45 minutes analyzing and dissecting the antitrust implications of a possible acquisition by Contrax. After beating that dead horse one last time, Rick ordered us a couple of Absolute Citron’s with soda and embarked on a recounting of his latest conquests.
“Married pussy!” Rick exclaimed.
“What do you mean, Rick?” The non-sequitor confused me.
“Married pussy is the easiest, hottest, wettest pussy in the world.”
“Rick, as a married man, I can speak with some experience and certainty on this subject. Married pussy is anything but easy, and rarely hot or wet.” My reply was authoritative, but in retrospect I led with my chin on this one.
“Bill, for such a smart lawyer whom charges $350 an hour, you’re a total dumbshit.”
I like Rick, but he’s also a bit abrasive and arrogant. Sometimes he can really push my buttons.
Rick continued, “when I speak of married pussy, I’m talking about fucking pussies that are married to other men. More times than not, a married woman is dying for a thorough fucking from a real man, not just the weekly ten minute diddle they’re used to from their husbands.”
“Well, I imagine that there are some dissatisfied wives out there, but as your friend and attorney, I strongly advise against propositioning married woman. You’ll end up with, at least a bruised cheek from her slap and, at worst, excruciating pain from her knee to your groin.”
Rick chuckled, but quickly dismissed my cautions. “Bill, you don’t even have a clue. In the past three months, I’ve approached eight different married woman, and I’m batting a thousand. I’ve concluded that there isn’t a married woman out there, who given the opportunity, would turn down a sexual romp with a good-looking man.”
“I don’t know what world you’ve been living in, Rick, but I suspect that if you approached any of the married women that I know your batting average would quickly drop to the point that you’d be sent back down to the minors.”
“Like who?” Rick stared at me confidently. I was totally dumbfounded. I didn’t expect to be challenged on this point. My mind went blank so I tried to avoid the question. “Look, Rick, you know damn well that there are so many frigid wives living in the suburbs that your theory can’t hold water.”
“Who?” Rick wasn’t going to let the question slide.
My mind was slowly starting to reason again. I didn’t really want to give Rick the names of any of the married women that I know. Rick’s the type of guy who jumps at every challenge. I certainly didn’t want him hitting on the wives of any of my friends. Common sense suggested that the safest thing to do was rely on my wife, Anne.
Anne and I have been married for twelve years, with two kids to show for the venture. Anne is not exactly frigid, but she’s also rather conservative when it comes to sex. Pretty much straight intercourse, with very rare oral sex, and certainly no anal. From the perspective of frequency, we will usually have sex 3 or 4 times a month. I knew that Anne would never stray. In fact, she was a virgin when we married.
“Well, Rick, like my wife, for example..”

You can imagine, I suspect what happens next. And no, he doesn’t fix the cable.

It is a sexy, straight-forward piece. You can find the rest of it here:, and probably many other places as well. He wrote another story, Insemination in September, which I can’t find anywhere online at the moment, but it wasn’t as good. The Fourth Ring though is a genuine classic. It was definitely a big influence on me at the time. As far as I know, those were his only two stories, but I’d be delighted to be corrected on that score.

Anyway, Hunter, wherever you might be, you have at least one fan out there who remembers your work fondly.

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  1. Bob Milsom

    I remember The Fourth Ring, a very hot story. Hubby was sure the phone would never ring that fourth time but his wife did give herself up to his friend. hanks for the memory as Bob Hope used to say.

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