Whatever It Takes

My new book is finally out. As I’ve mentioned several times, it is quite different from Two Sides of Terri, but I really like how it turned out. Description follows.

Whatever It Takes 

Daniel and Kris are as white bread as they come. Together since junior high, they have two kids, a house in the suburbs, and no excitements in their lives. Things change when Kris’ little sister Jessi moves in. Jessi is everything Kris isn’t, reckless, promiscuous, and mixed up with very bad people. As their two orbits intersect, Daniel and Kris get dragged into Jessi’s world of drug dealers, strip clubs, and prostitution. Can they survive the dangers? And even if they do, will their marriage? 

Fueled by their love for each other, and drawing on a strength and resourcefulness they never realized they had, Daniel and Kris are desperate to recover their old lives. To do so, they will do whatever it takes!

Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Whatever-Takes-Ben-Boswell-ebook/dp/B00KABTO42

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