Coming Soon: The Surrogate Master

My newest book is in production! Cover design by the always amazing Kenny Wright (who has a new book coming soon as well!).

The Surrogate Master

Would you trust a stranger you met online to repair your marriage? Would you be comfortable with him knowing your wife’s most intimate secrets? Would you be willing to let him come into your home, your bedroom?
When his wife Rachel returns to work after being a stay-at-home mom for five years, Max knows they will have to make some adjustments. What he hasn’t counted on is Jack, Rachel’s new boss. Handsome, aggressive, and domineering, Jack awakens some long dormant desires within Rachel.
As Max watches, helpless, the transformation in his wife, he has to deal with his own insecurities and fears. As their marriage faces its ultimate challenge, both Rachel and Max have to confront their pasts, their fears, and their fantasies… but they aren’t alone.

They meet a stranger online, a man who has an uncanny ability to see both Max and Rachel for who they really are. Tommy offers to help. But what is his game? Is he just an unconventional marriage therapist? Or does he represent an even greater danger than Jack?

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