Ben Boswell Update

Working away on various projects. I don’t think I’ll tease any of the longer projects quite yet since I not sure which will be finished first, but definitely have some good stuff in the works.

I will be putting out another short in a few weeks, more on that soon when I have a cover to show off.

I’ve gotten some nice feedback from people about my last book, The Surrogate Master. Reviewer Max Lemberger, writes:

The Surrogate Master is an incredible book worthy of the highest praise. I’d even go so far to say it is an important book. While the content is erotica with light BDSM, the context is about infidelity and the havoc it wreaks in a relationship.

That is the sort praise that gives me the motivation to keep writing and writing.

That said, my dreams of a 50 Shades of Grey style breakthrough seems to have wait for the next novel. Surrogate Master is selling fine, but not as well as Honeymoon Hazards, which is, you know, just a silly romp.

Maybe some readers are turned off by the handcuffs on the cover? Maybe the whole BDSM genre (of which Surrogate Master is really just barely a part of) is saturated? I have no idea. Not that it really matters. I write, as I think I’ve mentioned before, what I want to read rather than what I think will sell, but even still, curious.

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