Last Fling

You can tell I’m not really committed to blogging since I haven’t even updated my site to note my two most recent publications.last-flingAnyway, I’ll start with this one.

Last Fling is a story I started working on in the mid-1990s. It remained unfinished until about, I think 2010, though I’d always had an idea how it would end. As I mentioned in the Preface to the book, it is perhaps the oldest piece of writing I remain fond of. It is the first story I wrote where I tried to break out, ever so slightly, from my previous work which had focused on very abusive, aggressive female characters. I’ll write more about that at some point, but this is basically an inadvertent cuckolding story — some miscommunication, things get out of hand, etc.

Maybe the most interesting part of this book for my fans will be the Afterword, which is a short, but I think interesting essay about how Last Fling foreshadows a lot of the themes you can find in my more recent (and I think more mature) work.

It is a sexy book still. Some hot scenes, and I think definitely worth the $0.99 I’m asking for it.

Check it out. Available at amazon:



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