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Coming Soon: The Surrogate Master

My newest book is in production! Cover design by the always amazing Kenny Wright (who has a new book coming soon as well!).

The Surrogate Master

Would you trust a stranger you met online to repair your marriage? Would you be comfortable with him knowing your wife’s most intimate secrets? Would you be willing to let him come into your home, your bedroom?
When his wife Rachel returns to work after being a stay-at-home mom for five years, Max knows they will have to make some adjustments. What he hasn’t counted on is Jack, Rachel’s new boss. Handsome, aggressive, and domineering, Jack awakens some long dormant desires within Rachel.
As Max watches, helpless, the transformation in his wife, he has to deal with his own insecurities and fears. As their marriage faces its ultimate challenge, both Rachel and Max have to confront their pasts, their fears, and their fantasies… but they aren’t alone.

They meet a stranger online, a man who has an uncanny ability to see both Max and Rachel for who they really are. Tommy offers to help. But what is his game? Is he just an unconventional marriage therapist? Or does he represent an even greater danger than Jack?

Maybe My Favorite Story: Winning (Amanda) through Intimidation

My nom de plume is a tribute to perhaps my favorite author in the slutty-wife genre. I had always enjoyed reading erotica. Penthouse letters were the best, though there were only a few each issue, it was sort of hit or miss about whether they would be something you might be interested in. So the Internet was a huge boon to written erotica, as it has been to all porn. In particular what was interesting was the explosion in availability of amateur erotica. A lot of it was (and is) terrible. And so, for a time, the best stories were passed around and reposted all over the place — on BBS, on the various online services (CompuServe, Prodigy, etc.) — until finally once USENET access became common, it seems like much of the energy went into the newsgroup.

Amazingly enough, for a time, before the spam bots became common, even unmoderated USENET groups had a feeling of community. There were tons of lurkers — I was one — but there was a core of posters and commenters who put up work on a regular basis and discussed it as well. There were reviews and periodic lists of new stories, and so on. In this kind of environment, it was possible for a handful of authors to become favorites and not just get lost in the crowd.

Anyway, my favorite author from the USENET days in the cuckold genre (though it was usually called “slut wives” back then) was a guy named J BOSWELL. J BOSWELL wrote, I think, about a dozen stories. At some point, I’ll collate them and release them as an eBook on Amazon with some commentary and additional features. And they were great. Short by current standards (very short in some cases), they nonetheless were well-written and very sexy.

Anyway, my favorite story, by far, was one called “Winning (Amanda) through Intimidation.” She’s sexy. The bull — the husband’s older cousin — is plausible. The seduction quick and darkly erotic.

A taste:

When Amanda returned from delivering Cindy to her 
party, and checking to be sure it was chaperoned, we
broke out some cards and began to play "Hearts." I
guess with the drinks, and the fact that Greg hadn't
done anything really outrageous, Amanda and I began to
relax and enjoy the evening, and (as usual, after a few
drinks) Amanda became a tiny bit of a flirt. Around
about 10 o'clock, Greg asked if we ever went skinny-
dipping. I guess he could tell from the look and smile
Amanda and I shared, that we had - quite often, as a
matter of fact.

He grabbed the deck of cards and said, "I thought so.
Well, we're all friends here. Let's play a few hands of
'strip blackjack' and then we'll go swimming."
I started to decline, when I felt Amanda's hand on
mine, "What the hell, James. We're all family, and we
don't want to get our guest angry on his first night

She was right. I didn't want to piss off a boozed-up
Greg. Greg was the dealer and, to my surprise, he lost
the first hand. He was wearing only his swimtrunks and
he stood up and lowered them off his hips. He had the
largest, thickest cock I have ever seen, hanging semi-
hard between his legs, and a little surprised I could
see Amanda giving it a close inspection.

He started to deal, and I asked him what he was
betting, since he didn't have any more clothes on.

He smiled at me and said, "Don't worry about it, Jimmy-
boy." He won the next hand, and Amanda and I shed our
shirts. I tied Greg on the next hand, but Amanda went

"Mandy, Mandy, Mandy. Time to pay the piper, Dear."
Greg grinned from ear to ear as Amanda stood and slowly
removed her bathing suit. I think she was really
enjoying the attention even though she looked a little
nervous as she quickly stripped and sat back down at
the table. "I knew you were a natural blonde - never
doubted it for a moment, Mandy. And your tits -
magnificent. You give new meaning to going 'bust.'"
Greg only lifted his eyes from Amanda's large breasts
to stare into her eyes and smile. Amanda smiled back,
totally confident with her body.

I stood up, "Well, I guess the game's over. Let's go

Greg grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back down
into my chair. "Jimmy-boy, what say you and me go mano-
a-mano for one hand? Winner take all?"

"What are we betting, Greg?"

He smiled at Amanda and then looked at me, "Well, the
loser gets the sofa for the night."

"And the winner?"

"Don't be dense, Jimmy-boy. The winner gets Mandy."

You can find the rest of the story at