Exciting Development

I’ve recently been writing a sequel to my first novel, Two Sides of Terri. The sequel, Tempting Terri, should be out next month. I toyed with the idea of a sequel for a long time, but I was so fond of Terri that I wanted to make sure I had a good enough story for her. I’m really excited about what I came up with.

In the meantime, I have put out a 2nd edition of Two Sides of Terri, which includes a Q&A about the book as well as an excerpt from the forthcoming sequel! You can check it out at http://www.amazon.com/Two-Sides-Terri-Ben-Boswell-ebook/dp/B01A3MFCQ6/


My Wife’s Christmas Surprise

I have a new short out. It is a twist on the “old alpha male boss seducing a young wife at the Christmas party” trope. It is based on an a story I wrote years ago, but is very different from the earlier version. In any case, I really like how it turned out. Fun story.

I have it available for pre-release now, and it will be delivered on Christmas Day.

Buy it now, buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Wifes-Christmas-Surprise-Cuckolding-Shorts-ebook/dp/B019GLK9Q8/


Happy holidays!

New Book: Annual Leave

I have a new book out! Annual Leave. It is about a young, frazzled soccer mom who goes on vacation and meets a man who challenges all her assumptions.

Happily married, with three kids under six, a dog, and a house in the suburbs, Heather has all the trappings of a conventional soccer mom. She’s also slowly losing her mind. Her husband convinces her to take a “momcation,” three days at a sunny resort with nothing to do but sleep late, sip margaritas, and get work on her tan.

It’s a great plan, but it doesn’t take into account Damon. Handsome, funny, and sarcastic he has an uncanny ability to get under Heather’s skin, an ability that turns into the basis for an unlikely friendship and, maybe, just maybe, a whole lot more.


I don’t want to oversell this… but if you don’t fall in love with Heather and Damon, there is something horrible wrong with you. 😉

No, but seriously, this is one of the best things I’ve written. If you like my stuff generally, you’ll love this.



Long Delay Explained

I haven’t had a new book out in quite a while. It is hard to explain precisely why. I had some changes in my living and work situations, which were disruptive to my life, but even more to my writing routine. It was just hard to get pages out, and what I was writing was weirdly uneven. Part of my problem is that in some ways I am still trying to figure out what kind of writer I want to be. I get bored easily, which means I sort of need to evolve over time to stay interested. I think, though, that over the past few months I was trying to force it with the consequences that nothing was quite coming together as I wanted.

In any case, I do finally have a new book complete. It is currently being read and edited. It should be out in the next few weeks. Hopefully, my fans have not forgotten about me in the meantime.

I’m also excited about a new project — well, and old new project. I’m revisiting Bill and Terri from Two Sides of Terri (http://www.amazon.com/Two-Sides-Terri-Ben-Boswell-ebook/dp/B00HSCMZTW). That one won’t be done right away, but I have a really fun and sexy direction to take their story.

Stay in touch. I love hearing from all of you.


Parallel Lines!

My collaboration with Kenny Wright, Parallel Lines, is now available for purchase on Amazon.parallel-lines-p1-1000-200x300parallel-lines-p2-1000-200x300

Unlike what some early reviewers believe, neither one of us “had lead” on either book. We wrote as a genuine collaboration, passing the manuscript back and forth every few thousand words.

I’m really proud of the way the books turned out, and I’m not just saying that. Any of you who’ve read my books and in particular the author’s forewords and afterwords know I am a straight-shooter as far as this goes. Some books turn out worse than one would have hoped, some even better. Parallel Lines, IMHO is one of the latter — even better than I could have hoped or expected.

It is sexy, touching in parts, with a lot of fun and interesting characters. Give it a whirl!

I don’t like bragging, but I’m bragging

I know I’ve mentioned this 100 times, but it is true. One of the reasons I enjoy writing erotica is that I get more interaction and feedback in this genre than I have in other writing I’ve done in my career. It is just nice to write stuff that people actually want to read and seem to enjoy. And it is nice to get positive reinforcement, whether in the form of direct feedback or good sales. Anyway, I got a jolt today when I checked my Amazon Author rank in Erotica. I was momentarily up to #24… which is huge. So, thank you, thank you all, and keep reading!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.28.44 AM

#Amwriting usually means #notblogging

I’ve been on a writing tear recently. So much so that I haven’t updated my blog in, like, forever. Well, not literally forever, but long enough for there to be not one, not two, but three new publications to announce. So from most recent to oldest:

Kenny Wright and I recently finished a coauthored book. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Parallel Lines: An Experiment in Temptation (Part 1 and Part 2is the story of a loving couple who coincidentally find themselves simultaneously sorely tempted by new people in the lives. And since this is what Kenny and I write, you can imagine what happens next. They have a long conversation, swear off their attraction for other people, and…. well, either that or everyone screws like bunnies. Check it out and find out which!


This week I also put out a new short. Well, an old short, but significantly revised. It is really one of my favorites — a twist, dirty tale. Funny and sexy. Inception: A Twisted Wife Sharing Tale.


Finally, last month I put out a novella called Seven Dates: A Different Kind of Hotwife. It is dark, not for everyone, though it has gotten very good reviews. Told in first person POV, the narrator Kellen is both funny and, frankly, a complete ass, but all in good fun.

So, sorry about the lack of updates, but I hope you’ll enjoy the stories!

Last Fling

You can tell I’m not really committed to blogging since I haven’t even updated my site to note my two most recent publications.last-flingAnyway, I’ll start with this one.

Last Fling is a story I started working on in the mid-1990s. It remained unfinished until about, I think 2010, though I’d always had an idea how it would end. As I mentioned in the Preface to the book, it is perhaps the oldest piece of writing I remain fond of. It is the first story I wrote where I tried to break out, ever so slightly, from my previous work which had focused on very abusive, aggressive female characters. I’ll write more about that at some point, but this is basically an inadvertent cuckolding story — some miscommunication, things get out of hand, etc.

Maybe the most interesting part of this book for my fans will be the Afterword, which is a short, but I think interesting essay about how Last Fling foreshadows a lot of the themes you can find in my more recent (and I think more mature) work.

It is a sexy book still. Some hot scenes, and I think definitely worth the $0.99 I’m asking for it.

Check it out. Available at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Last-Fling-Cuckolding-Shorts-Book-ebook/dp/B00WTR42L0/



Retiring the tag line?

The tagline for my blog is “Just maybe the best smut author you’ve never heard of.” Given the success of my latest novel/novella, I might have to retire that.

Dark Tide was my first foray into interracial erotica, and it turned out really well. This is not just my assessment. I currently have 12 reviews on Amazon, 11 five stars, and 1 four star. Not bad. It has also sold really well. At one time or another I was #1 in two separate erotica subcategories.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.56.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.01.00 PM

Needless to say, I’m thrilled. It isn’t Fifty Shades of Gray territory, but you know what? I’ll take it.