• Ben Boswell Update 2022

    Okay, so obviously this blog has fallen into disuse. I remain active, though. If you want to follow me there are a number of options:

    Books. They are available at various on-line retailers. But for a full list of my books, please visit my Amazon page at:

    Stories. I am also publishing shorts on Medium. I’d be delighted if you would follow me there.

    Thoughts. I am pretty active on Twitter. You can find me at:

    Patreon. I recently launched a Patreon page for my biggest fans. There is all sorts of special content for supporters. You can find my Patreon page here:

    And that’s it. Not sure if I’ll update this blog anytime in the near futures, but in the meantime, these links will provide you with hours upon hours of Ben Boswell content!

  • The Crush: An Affair in Three Parts
    I just published a new book, The Crush: An Affair in Three Parts.  It begins from the perspective of Dave: “What would you do if your wife told you she had a crush on another man and that she wanted to act on it?” The book is told first from Dave’s perspective, then that of his wife, Annie, and then finally from the perspective of the “other man,” Greg. It isn’t quite Rashomon. There is no disagreement among them about what happened, but they each see the affair in a different light, and they each walk away from it with different lessons. I had planned to publish this a long time ago, but I kept getting hung up on Greg’s version. I think, finally, I was able to nail down his voice and explain his behavior. Writing the same story from three different perspectives was a challenge to  keep it interesting. I think it worked, but as always would love to hear from you to see if you agree. I also have another couple of books in the works. It has been a difficult past six months for me in terms of writing, but I think I’ve turned a corner and that 2017 will be a productive year for me. Thank you all for your patience. You can purchase The Crush at Amazon:
  • Terri Trilogy Finished
    Whew… so I finally finished up the third book of the Terri Trilogy. Book 2: Tempting Terri is available here. And below is the cover for Book 3: Taming Terri. It will be out by the first week in July. Yay. temptation-of-terri-finaltaming-terri-final
  • Exciting Development
    I’ve recently been writing a sequel to my first novel, Two Sides of Terri. The sequel, Tempting Terri, should be out next month. I toyed with the idea of a sequel for a long time, but I was so fond of Terri that I wanted to make sure I had a good enough story for her. I’m really excited about what I came up with. In the meantime, I have put out a 2nd edition of Two Sides of Terri, which includes a Q&A about the book as well as an excerpt from the forthcoming sequel! You can check it out at terri-new-edition-cover
  • My Wife’s Christmas Surprise
    I have a new short out. It is a twist on the “old alpha male boss seducing a young wife at the Christmas party” trope. It is based on an a story I wrote years ago, but is very different from the earlier version. In any case, I really like how it turned out. Fun story. I have it available for pre-release now, and it will be delivered on Christmas Day. Buy it now, buy it here: my-wifes-christmas-surprise Happy holidays!