Sucking you in

I don’t mean literally. I mean, what is it about a book, particularly an erotic book, that sucks you in, makes you need to read the next page?

For me, it is often a relationship at risk. You can populate your story with an endless array of hard-bodied, sexually adventurous characters, but that’s just a story about dicks, tits, and ass. Ultimately, that is a yawn.

What gets me is always when there is something emotional at stake. Unrequited love. Risky sex. Relationships tested. That is where eroticism comes from, no?

Let me know what you think.

I started this blog to, ideally, get some discussion going. Help me out. What makes a story hot for you?

1 thought on “Sucking you in

  1. Bob Milsom

    What makes a reader feel compelled to turn the page? The first chapter has to hint at some exciting unknown. Maybe that unknown is in one or more of the characters. Maybe the unknown is in a choice, or choices, of path to the future, the prize. Often the question will he/she succeed or fail.

    The question must be posed but the answer should never be obvious. For a short story there can be nothing extraneous; a novella or more demands complexity of multi-plots. The multi-plots give author an extra tool to play with; which sub-plot is preeminent?

    That’s my two cents Ben – BobNbobbi

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