Why Men (Boys) Like Lesbians

Overheard an insightful conversation the other day courtesy of my 13 y/o son and his goofy (male) friends. I was driving a pack of them around, so not going out of my way to listen in, but one them seemed to have found something online about lesbians and was passing it around on his phone. It wasn’t porn as far as I could tell, but more like some article or gag website he’d found about lesbians, and as you know, at that age, even the word is enough to reduce them to hysterics.

But here’s the thing. Their conclusion about why lesbians are cool is that, “they must just sit around all day practicing with each other what they’d do to their boyfriends.”

That’s funny for about a dozen reasons, not the least of which is the idea that lesbians are particularly concerned about boyfriends. But it does capture a germ of the male fantasy, which is that women (or girls at the age) spend most of their time together in sexual experimentation. I mean, what else would they be doing?

I didn’t have the heart to burst their bubble by pointing out that just as the boys don’t spend their time sexually experimenting on each other, the girls probably don’t either. Well, that and the fact that I sort of still have a secret hope they do. I mean, when my wife goes “running” with her girl friends, maybe they are just using it as an excuse to go off together, get naked and….