Parallel Lines!

My collaboration with Kenny Wright, Parallel Lines, is now available for purchase on Amazon.parallel-lines-p1-1000-200x300parallel-lines-p2-1000-200x300

Unlike what some early reviewers believe, neither one of us “had lead” on either book. We wrote as a genuine collaboration, passing the manuscript back and forth every few thousand words.

I’m really proud of the way the books turned out, and I’m not just saying that. Any of you who’ve read my books and in particular the author’s forewords and afterwords know I am a straight-shooter as far as this goes. Some books turn out worse than one would have hoped, some even better. Parallel Lines, IMHO is one of the latter — even better than I could have hoped or expected.

It is sexy, touching in parts, with a lot of fun and interesting characters. Give it a whirl!

One thought on “Parallel Lines!

  1. Peg

    I loved “Inception” , it was a real page turner . My only thought was ,
    maybe the wife was a little too eager . I tried to come up with an another
    ending , but finally conceded yours was the best !! Keep up the great work ,
    you really get my attention !!

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