New Book: Annual Leave

I have a new book out! Annual Leave. It is about a young, frazzled soccer mom who goes on vacation and meets a man who challenges all her assumptions.

Happily married, with three kids under six, a dog, and a house in the suburbs, Heather has all the trappings of a conventional soccer mom. She’s also slowly losing her mind. Her husband convinces her to take a “momcation,” three days at a sunny resort with nothing to do but sleep late, sip margaritas, and get work on her tan.

It’s a great plan, but it doesn’t take into account Damon. Handsome, funny, and sarcastic he has an uncanny ability to get under Heather’s skin, an ability that turns into the basis for an unlikely friendship and, maybe, just maybe, a whole lot more.

I don’t want to oversell this… but if you don’t fall in love with Heather and Damon, there is something horrible wrong with you. 😉

No, but seriously, this is one of the best things I’ve written. If you like my stuff generally, you’ll love this.